Snake Fence Updates!

Spring is here and we’re, predictably, extremely busy. It’s a good thing! After the winter, we are always excited to get back to work. Homeowners … they may not be so excited.

People are often surprised to learn that the rattlesnake they’ve just found in the backyard may have been there, or very nearby, for months when it’s found in the early spring. Often, the rip rap and erosion control used by newer developments is perfect for this purpose, and those snakes take notice. As soon as spring comes and they emerge, the landscaped and well-watered backyards that surround it are perfect places to hunt.

If you see rabbits, quail, and other prey-sized items in your yard, you can assume that predators see them as well. That does mean rattlesnakes. Fortunately, a physical barrier like a rattlesnake fence will put a stop to that.

gold canyon snake proofing
oro valley rattlesnake

Snake activity is also really picking up. In the past couple of weeks, our hotline has gone from an average of 2 calls a day to more than a dozen snakes removed each day.

Snake Removal and Snake Fence Updates 10/05/21

Late September and early October are usually pretty busy for us. As the monsoon wanes, we see snakes of all kinds getting ready for cooler conditions. That means there’s a lot to do: eating, mating, and traveling to wherever it is they want to wait out the winter. That can often mean they end up in a backyard or garage, and we’re called out to help.

A spike in calls usually happens right after dark. This will likely continue throughout October, dropping off dramatically in the first week of November. Of course the weather and conditions will largely determine how long this lasts, but this is a trend we see every year and we have no reason to believe it will be any different now.

Snake Removal in Phoenix and Tucson areas

Phoenix and Tucson Snake Fence Installations

Likewise, October is a time that many homeowners realize that the fear of having a rattlesnake in the yard is something that can be stopped at any time. Things like making landscaping changes and having a snake fence installed can make a huge difference.

Snake Removal and Rattlesnake Fence Installation Updates for July 6, 2021

Wow, finally some rain! The monsoon has officially kicked off with some rain throughout the state. That means that snakes will be on the move for the first time in a while; the result is that our snake removal hotline is super busy and people are lining up to get snake fencing installed as quickly as possible.

Here are some of the projects we’ve taken on in the last week.

Snake removal:

Snake fence:

Snake Removal and Snake Fence Updates – 05/27/21

The weather is weird out there, but snakes are still moving. Abnormally dry and cooler than the usual May, our mid-year slow season may be starting sooner than later. Still, we’ve been picking up rattlesnakes all across the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas every day. Here are some of the snake removals and snake fencing projects that we’ve completed recently.

How much is snake removal?

Less than the cost of a bite, and the education you receive by having an experienced rattlesnake removal specialist visit is worth much more than the removal itself. The goal with any rattlesnake conflict situation is to identify changes that can be made to the property to prevent the situation from happening again.

24/7 Emergency Snake Removal

Snake Fence Projects completed in Arizona recently:

Snake Removal and Snake Fence Updates – 05/11/21

Things are heating up and we’re as busy as ever, called to 5-15 homes each day for snake removal service. We’re also completing up to 5 snake fence jobs every day. As Arizona cities expand, this looks like it will be a normal spring! Here are some of the recent sights from the job:

Recent snake removal activity:

Snake fence projects completed:

Snake Removals and Rattlesnake Fencing Updates – 04/01/21

It took awhile, but Spring is finally in full swing! The emergence of many rattlesnake species seems to have been delayed by back to back cold snaps, but our hotline is now chugging along at the usual rate. Our snake fence team is also super busy, as people continue to make the decision that the rattlesnake they just saw on the patio should be the last one.

Here’s a video compilation of some rattlesnake removal captures and releases.

Rattlesnake fence installation is becoming a very popular addition to any home in Arizona. Once people discover how easy it really is to keep a rattlesnake off the patio, it’s a no-brainer. Here are some of our recent projects.

Snake Removals and Rattlesnake Fencing Updates – 03/02/21

Even though it’s March, we’re still seeing cool weather that is keeping most snake activity to a minimum. However, we are also getting a lot of emails and texts with photos to identify! They’re almost all Sonoran Gophersnakes, but there are a few Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes in there as well.

Our snake fencing timelines are starting to increase as well, currently booked out about 2 weeks in both Phoenix and Tucson. This is driven by the first reports of rattlesnakes on trails, in the news, and a few other places. Once things really kick off in a couple more weeks, we expect to be flooded. If a snake fence is something you’re considering, now is the time.

Usually, we see a particular signal that happens just about when our hotline starts going crazy – multiple consecutive days in March with overnight temperatures in the upper 50s. Once that happens: it’s on!