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Arizona Snake Fence Installation by The Experts

Snake fence installation and rattlesnake prevention from Arizona's licensed and insured rattlesnake experts. After years of urban captures and thousands of wild rattlesnake encounters, we have developed a unique snake prevention system designed specifically to keep rattlesnakes out of your yard. Our team of rattlesnake experts can also find possible rattlesnake-attracting features and signs of snake activity on your property.

Don’t trust a handyman or contractors without rattlesnake knowledge with the safety of your family and pets – get the real deal from Arizona’s rattlesnake prevention and snake fencing experts.

See our Photo Gallery of Professionally Installed Snake Fencing for examples of our work, and how snake fencing will appear when properly installed.

While most snake encounters are due to attractants like food, water, or shelter, some areas just can't avoid the occasional snake showing up. If you live very close to native desert areas, you are likely to see a snake from time to time as a random encounter.

Physical barriers, like a snake fence, are the surest way to keep snakes out.

Even if your yard is snake paradise, if they can't get in, it's of no use to them. We'll install a low-profile barrier that uses the snake's natural behavior to lead them past your property, and back out to where they belong.

  • Free consultation with a snake prevention expert
  • The greatest level of protection from rattlesnakes
  • Proven to work against all native rattlesnake species
  • Designed from the ground up to prevent rattlesnakes
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured rattlesnake prevention experts

To get a free estimate and get advice on how to keep rattlesnakes out of your yard, contact us any time at 480-565-7824 or by email at fence@rattlesnakesolutions.com. You will be contacted within 24 hours.

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If you already have snake proofing or rattlesnake fencing installed, how do you know it's doing the job? We've come up with a simple test that takes just a few seconds.

How high should a snake fence be? 3 feet tall is recommended, with a minimum height of 30". How do we know? Take a look at the details:

What is snake fencing?

Snake fencing is the most simple and direct way to keep snakes out, by creating a barrier that rattlesnakes aren't able to cross. There is no actual "snake fence", but a combination of modifications to existing fencing and gates and creation of new, low-profile barriers that make an effective wall designed specifically to keep Arizona rattlesnakes out. When combined with habitat reduction techniques, there is no better way to keep rattlesnakes away from the home. Special consideration for the unique species that live in each area of Phoenix and Tucson are part of how the fences are built.

How do you do it, and what materials do you use?

We use 1/4 galvanized mesh (hardware cloth) that is 36" high. If your view fence sits on top of a concrete curb we bring the bottom edge directly in contact with the concrete so no rattlesnakes can get under it. We've seen that a few other companies use mesh with 1/2" spacing or only use 24" in height, which offers no protection from baby rattlesnakes and large rattlesnakes. We see the results often while performing rattlesnake removals, often from yards that are "protected" by inferior fence installation. It is very important to use materials that consider the range of sizes of Arizona rattlesnakes.

If you have dirt or gravel under your view fence, we dig a trench into the ground, depending on the hardness of the soil, and bury the fencing below grade. This helps insure that an entry point for snakes doesn't open up over time due to normal wear and tear, wind, or activity from other animals (like rodents). While removing rattlesnakes from homes where fencing has been poorly installed by a third party, we've seen the fencing on top of the dirt, where inevitably (often very quickly) an access point develops. We attach the wire mesh to the outside of the view fence using screws, rather than the more commonly used zip-ties which break down in the Arizona sun and a year or two, or wire ties which allow the fencing to move some and have the potential to create a snake access point. Wire ties also rub the paint off the fence allowing it to rust. Screws last the longest and offer the lowest profile - a safe yard doesn't need to look like a hardware store; our solution is made to last and not detract from the property's aesthetic.

At the end of each fencing run, if it butts up to a block wall, we drill into the block wall and use concrete anchors to secure it, rather than just but it up to the wall as we have often seen which can allow the fencing to move and create an access point. Snakes travel along walls and fences, meaning the ends are as important as every inch between them.

Gates need some creativity; no two are the same. Most often, we pour a concrete curb under the gate to within 1/4" of the bottom of the gate, closing off that access point without needing to install additional barriers to the gate itself. Along the sides of the gate, if there is a gap, we either use a door sweep or a fiberglass edging piece to block the gap while maintaining the function of the gate.

Drain blocks are sealed with the same wire mesh and anchored with concrete anchors. These are one of the more common areas for snakes to gain entry to a yard. In Arizona, Snake Fence should be considered anywhere a home comes near native desert habitat.

When we are done with the project, our goal is for there not to be any gaps larger than 1/4" around the area we have secured. We have been to many hundreds of homes to remove rattlesnakes were they already had snake fencing; the problem was that it was improperly installed, used the wrong materials or it wasn't secured properly and an access point was created. Our techniques have been developed by repeatedly seeing what not to do put in place, and dealing with the rattling result. Our unique experience specializing in rattlesnake encounters on Arizona properties means we can anticipate behavior and truly evaluate each situation to create the best possible barrier to keep rattlesnakes out. The final step when we are done installing the fencing is to do a full search of your property to locate any snakes that may already be on your property and remove them (without any additional fee if we do find some).

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How do I schedule an appointment for an inspection and get a quote for fencing?

To schedule a consultation, contact us any time at 480-565-7824 or by email at fence@rattlesnakesolutions.com. You will be contacted within 24 hours.

When can you install it?

In many cases we can have the job done within a week of acceptance of the job; it all depends on the time of year and how active the season is. We will work with your schedule – we recommend taking care of it in advance of rattlesnake season to get the best wait times and pricing.

Where do you install snake fences?

We can install snake protection in the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas. If you live a little bit far from that, we may still be able to help. Just email us and we'll figure it out.

Why should you have Rattlesnake Solutions put up snake fencing?

Firstly, if you live where rattlesnakes live, it will give you peace of mind to enjoy your property without worrying about rattlesnakes. They can live in the desert in peace, and you can live in your yard in peace. Secondly, because we believe we do it better! We do fencing at your home the way we would do it at our home. Our name says it all - dealing with rattlesnakes in Phoenix and Tucson isn't just a service on our list, it's what we specialize in and all that we do. Why have a snake fence installed by a pest control guy, when you can have it put together by a snake expert? We go looking for snakes on the weekends for fun and actually really like them - we're serious about this stuff, and we think that having a protected yard is something to take seriously. We also cost less than the other guys, since we don't have the overhead to deal with.

How visible is it; will a rattlesnake fence obstruct my view?

Rattlesnake fencing is nearly invisible unless you're viewing at an angle or very close. After about a year, too, the sheen on the steel mesh fades and it becomes even more difficult to see.

How much maintenance does snake fence need and what warranties do you offer?

Rattlesnake Fencing is easy to maintain. New installations come with two warranties for your new rattlesnake fencing which cover both the installation and guarantee its effectiveness. We also now offer a simple maintenance service called Rattlesnake Fence Renewal which keeps your snake protection in top working condition and rewnews your warranties to the day of installation.