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A rattlesnake encounter on your property is a symptom, not the problem. The snake is there for a reason; we can find out what that is, and help fix it. We don't use chemicals or traps, and will never recommend scams like 'snake away' or mothballs.

Property inspections

A rattlesnake expert, trained to track down snakes in the wild, will visit your property and find exactly what the problem is. If snakes are found, they will be relocated. Resources will be identified, all questions will be answered, and you will know exactly what you can do to greatly reduce your chances of another encounter.

Visitors to Arizona often worry about snakes at rental properties or seasonal homes, with good reason. Without human activity around, snakes and other wildlife often moves in. A common service that we provide is to inspect rental and seasonal vacation homes for rattlesnakes that may have come in during vacant months. Each year, we remove hundreds of snakes from yards due to this situation. If you are due to visit the Phoenix or Tucson areas this Fall, give us a call or email to schedule a property inspection.

Keep rattlesnakes out with a professionally-installed snake fence

Protect your property from unwanted snakes with our low-profile, unobtrusive solution. Our solution will block access to key areas of your yard, keeping snakes out without ruining the look of your landscape. While many snakes wander into yards in search of food and shelter, others may simply be drawn to the location due to its proximity to their natural habitat. Regardless of the reason, our solution offers the best protection available to help keep your property snake-free. Learn more about snake fencing