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Partner with Rattlesnake Solutions, help your customers, and open a new source of revenue

Landscapers, pest control companies, pool cleaners, property management companies, fence builders, and anyone who routinely works with home owners in Arizona:

An extra source of revenue for you, leads from trusted partners for us.

In Arizona, all kinds of professionals have to deal with rattlesnakes from time to time, either directly in the field, or by way of questions and concerns from the customers and home owners we work with. As a provider of a very niche service, we notice that we get a lot of referrals from all kinds of service-oriented businesses.

Businesses like yours refer us because they want to help their customers. We want to be your "rattlesnake guy" - we can answer any question, identify or catch any snake, and most importantly, solve rattlesnake problems at the home. We think the best way to do this is to give those who refer our snake fencing services the money we'd otherwise spend on marketing for that same lead. The word for that sort of relationship might be "affiliate", but we'd rather think of it as a partnership. We're not looking for marketers, but to fill gaps for other service providers wherever rattlesnakes are concerned.

How it works

Let's say you own a landscaping company, and one of your crew just uncovered a rattlesnake in the yard. They could obviously use some rattlesnake prevention work. You're not in the rattlesnake prevention business, but you do want to help your customer.

You give them a link to a landing page on our site. You will get a landing page that says we're partners, which will have a contact form on it. If anyone fills out that form and later becomes a snake fence customer, we'll pay you the $40 it usually takes to get that lead from our usual marketing channels.

The link will be something like "https://rattlesnakesolutions.com/yourbusiness", or we can help set up a forwarder on your own domain name if you'd like. We can help make a graphic or flyers, or whatever you think will help.

How you get paid

You will receive a login to our system so you can see any lead that comes in and track its progress. Any lead that becomes a snake fencing job will be payable to you within about a week or two (you can see that progress, too).

How it gets set up

We start out by just having a conversation about your customers and how we can help, and we'll figure out the best way to go from there. To get things set up, all we really need is the name of the person who'll be logging into the system, and what you think the URL should be. We'll do the rest. If you have any business cards that we can give to our customers, too, we'd love to have some. We'll also need a W9.

To talk more about this, just email me info@rattlesnakesolutions.com.

We're serious about customer service. You can trust your referrals with us.

You're serious about helping your customers and being the best at what you do, and we are too. Any referral that comes our way will be treated great. Pick any review service and look us up, and you'll see 5 stars all around. Also, importantly, we will keep it perfectly clear that we're an entirely separate entity, so once the handoff happens, should anything go wrong, you're not getting an upset phonecall.

We want to refer our customers to you, too.

Just like it can help you to have a rattlesnake expert in your contact list, we are often asked for recommendations for all kinds of services. By partnering with us, we'll be happy to promote your services

About Rattlesnake Solutions and the snake fencing service

Rattlesnake Solutions works exclusively with rattlesnake mitigation and prevention in Arizona. Perhaps our most sought-after service is our Rattlesnake Fence design and installation. This snake fencing service is the only proven means of preventing rattlesnakes, and if you don't mind gratuitous self-promotion: we're the best at it. More about our snake prevention services here: Rattlesnake Prevention Services from Rattlesnake Solutions

We're big snake nerds and got into this because we all have a lot of experience with the conflict between rattlesnakes and expanding urban development. We have a lot of passion for this type of work and finding a sustainable method of conservation for rattlesnakes that keeps people safe as well.

How do the taxes work?

If you make more than $600 in the year, you'll be issued a 1099 in January of the following year.

Is there a contract?

Not at the moment, though we might do that later. It doesn't cost anyone anything to do any of this, so if you're not happy with how things are going, you can just stop sending people our way.