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We like snakes so you don't have to.

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We're snake enthousiasts, nature lovers, and have dirt from several different mountain ranges on our boots at any given time. We're not a pest control company - we bring real-life, wild rattlesnake expertise to your property to truly solve your snake problems.

So what do we do that's so different? Simple: we try and learn everything there is to know about snakes, and bring that knowledge to your situation. It's one thing to come put a snake in a box - it's another to tell you why it's there, how it got there, and how to keep them from ever coming back. We know that rattlesnakes and our growing cities can see eye-to-eye with education and patience, and we like to speak for the snakes.

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Our (Brief) History

Rattlesnake Solutions LLC was founded in the summer of 2010 by Bryan Hughes, an amatuer field herpetologist, as a way to further conservation and education in the community. A website for snake relocation services was quickly launched, and the phones started ringing to relocate rattlenakes across the valley.

In 2011, Rattlesnake Solutions grew to 3 field agents across the valley. Working exclusively with native reptiles, we added a unique property inspection service to our offerings. Fees collected for snake relocations fund extensive field excursions to perfect snake tracking techniques; compared to a desesrt mountainside, a back yard is easy. In 2012, the number of field agents grew to 6, with expansion to all areas of the valley, and Wickenburg. Since the start, we've successfully relocated over 900 snakes from yards and gardens of the valley, with more added to that list every day.