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Our mission: save snakes & help people.

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Arizona has one of the fastest-growing populations in the country. Subdivisions spring up every year in desert areas, putting people and native wildlife side-by-side. To many, this is a terrifying prospect; we believe it shouldn't be. As with many types of fear, this is one that can be overcome by education, patience, and understanding.

You don't have to like snakes, that's what we're here for.

We're not a pest control company. On any summer evening, you'll find at least one of us out in the desert looking for snakes. We study them, observe them, and try our best to understand how they work. That's what makes Rattlesnake Solutions uniquely equipped to take on the challenge of peaceful coexistence between our ever-growing cities and the reptiles everyone loves to hate.

Arizona is home to 17 types of rattlesnake, 6 of which can be found within Phoenix city limits ...

... yet, bites are relatively uncommon. The news often reports rattlesnake "attacks", when they are usually anything but. Like all animals, snakes will defend themselves when threatened and take advantage of a free lunch when offered. Rattlesnakes have an undeserved reputation in our society as a monster that must be eliminated. We provide a way around that.

Snake prevention through knowledge, not death and chemicals.

Here's how we do it:

Relocation.If there's a snake in your yard, we'll come to catch it. Snakes belong in the desert, not your back porch. We would never harm a snake and know how to capture them safely. Our extensive experience with wild snakes and research into their behavior allows us to track and safely capture animals that would leave a pest control company scratching their heads. Once we've got them, they get a drink of water and are off to be released elsewhere.

Habitat Reduction. We like to say that snakes are a symptom, not the problem. Many homeowners unknowingly create a one-stop-shop for snakes. Food, water, and shelter all in one place; of course, they show up! We can show you how to make your property less attractive to snakes. Our property inspections are performed by a snake expert with experience tracking rattlesnakes in the wild. When it's done, you'll know exactly what to do and have all questions answered.

Physical Barriers. Whenever possible, the best solution to keep snakes out of the yard is to simply block the entrance. This is of course, more complicated than just shutting the door. We can install barriers to keep snakes out and advise how it can be done yourself if you'd like.

Education. This is the most effective thing we have to offer. Knowing just a little bit about what kinds of snakes you can expect to find in your area, and what to do when you see one, is often the difference between being terrified and curious fascination. Have a question? Ask us!. It's a big job, but we're hoping to help change the general perception of snakes, one encounter at a time.