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Free Snake Removal on Halloween 2018

CRONKITE NEWS - After mild winter, rattlesnakes taking to desert – and lawns – in search of food

PHOENIX – A few hours earlier, this 2-foot-long Western diamondback rattlesnake was hanging out in the front yard of a nearby home, prompting an urgent call to Bryan Hughes, owner of Rattlesnake Solutions. Full Story

CRONKITE NEWS ONLINE - Warmer weather is an oasis for slithery creatures


PHOENIX – In the shade of a fountain gracing the front yard of an Ahwatukee home, Jeffrey Hill faces two coils: one a garden hose, the other a Western diamondback rattlesnake measuring barely a foot long. Full Story

KPHO CBS 5 Rattlesnakes Holed Up In Scottsdale Garage 11-23-2010

Bryan Hughes likes to say if it's not boring, you're not doing your job right. This was not boring. Hughes, a rattlesnake removal expert, just posted a video on Youtube of a diamondback lunging and nearly striking him. Full Article