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Snakes, like all animals, will take advantage of any resources they can to survive. Compared to the open desert, the perfectly landscaped oasis that is the typical foothills backyard is an amazing place to be. They have everything they need - shelter, food, and water. When these are provided to desert wildlife with open access, it is no surprise that they come to visit.

Our approach to rattlesnake prevention is simple.

No poison, no traps, no scam repellents or nonsense; we use our knowledge of native snake behavior to help you make your yard less attractive to snakes. From years of time in the desert looking for wild rattlesnakes and many hundreds of snake removals, we know just what to look for what to do. Whether you've seen a snake or are just new to the area and want to reduce your chances of ever seeing a snake, the process is the same.

First, we walk the property to see if any snakes are already there. This means looking for tracks, drag marks, places where they've been hunting, shed skins, and a dozen other signs that a trained eye can spot. If we find any snakes, we safely capture them to be relocated.

Next, we look for why they'd want to be there. What seems like a normal backyard decoration could be the perfect place for snakes and their prey. We will read the property from a habitat perspective and tell you exactly what you can do to make the yard less habitable to snakes and the animals they hunt. Of course each yard is different, and it doesn't make sense to destroy a beautifully landscaped area for the relatively small likelihood of seeing a snake there. Each case is different, and we will give you the information you need to make the decisions appropriate to your unique situation.

In some cases, the best prevention is simply to physically barricade the yard from unwanted snakes. We can install a low-impact snake fence to seal off parts of the yard and provide the greatest level of protection possible.

Get the facts and peace of mind

A big part of why snakes seem so scary is because, as a culture, most of what we 'know' about snakes is completely false. We find that even a great fear of rattlesnakes melts away after a few questions. While we certainly don't downplay the real danger that a rattlesnake encounter can be, you'll get the truth about the situation and be able to get back out in your yard again without always feeling like there's another one in the bushes. One of the greatest pleasures of our job is to watch someone change from terrified to curious. The fact is that rattlesnakes do have a dangerous bite, but aren't dangerous animals when left alone. The safest thing a home owner can do, aside from simle prevention, is to have a professional snake control specialist remove the animal.

Why don't you just kill the snake?

Even if we hated snakes (which of course we don't), the reason is simply because it is not necessary and does not solve your problem. Of course, it is also illegal, more dangerous, and a dozen other reasons that don't need to be mentioned. The best, safest, and most efficient way to resolve an unwanted snake encounter is to move the 'problem' to a place where it is no longer a problem. We have the tools, training, and experience to get the job done without any risk to anyone involved - to kill the snake introduces dangerous variables that make a perfectly safe, routine action into a potentially deadly mess of a situation.