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We believe that knowledge is stronger than fear.

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From the first "don't tread on me" on the Gadsden flag, the rattlesnake has been a part of American culture. First treated with respect as a noble animal with the reputation to warn before strking, years of story telling and modern mythology have largely changed the perseption of our most iconic reptile to be that of a monster. Part of our goal is to reverse that trend wherever we can, with anyone who will listen.

The truth is, rattlesnakes are peaceful, shy animals that just want to be left alone. Though their bite is very dangerous, it is seldom delivered without optional provocasion. In almost all cases, snake bites can be avoided by simply taking their warning as intended; "you are too close, please leave me be."

How can we change your mind?

We hear it all. Impossibly giant snakes chasing people to their cars, rattlers jumping in the air, stalking a child, and as many iterations of nonsense as can be imagined. We are here to help sort the facts from the fiction. If you have any question at all, please just ask. Though we do charge for other services that we offer, information and identification services are always free. We like snakes; we like to talk about them, so please do not feel like any question is too small or too silly. Email us at info@rattlesnakesolutions.com