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"guy stuck with it far longer than most would until the snake finally decided to come out from between the cabinet and wall. THANK YOU"

~ Randy, Cave Creek

"On Tues, July 1, we discovered a very large snake in our kitchen (we border the Phx Mtn Preserve). As I was waiting for Grayson to arrive the snake crawled under our dishwasher and in spite of skilled attempt to remove him, he managed to crawl behind the kitchen cabinet under the sink and was not seen. Grayson even tried to get the dishwasher out and refused payment because he was not able to capture the snake. The next day I saw snake under dishwasher and Grayson was not available so Brenton came out and because of the small clearance under the dishwasher, he was unable to get his retrieval device around the snake who, again, linked off behind the cabinet. He returned a second time and with the same result. The next day we could not find him and we left for Flagstaff for the holiday weekend but left a small bowl of water surrounded by flour (for tracking). When we returned we could see the snake had come out but we could not find him. My wife discovered him on Tuesday July 8, in our entrance hallway and tried to nudge him out but he crawled off into my daughters bedroom and behind a dresser. Brenton came immediately and skillfully captured the snake and removed him. The snake had gotten in through our very large doggie door, which we will keep closed during snake season. We also had the plumber remove the dishwasher which we can now move back. It was a very challenging and interesting week. I am very grateful for the professional, compassionate and dedicated service that Grayson and Brenton provided. Your service was first rate."

~ Morton H Dubnow, MD

"Thank you, Kelly, for removing the western diamondback from our back yard in Vistancia on 7/28/12. Whew!"

~ Kathy, Peoria

"Thank you to Jonathan B. for successfully removing the 4ft western diamondback. You're awesome!"

~ Joyce, Phoenix

"Here's Mikey getting a nice fat rattler from my container 7-21-12 in Wickenburg. Great job and Thank you!!"

~ Janet, Wickenburg

"Thank you...thank you ....thank you for coming to rescue our little guest this evening!! :)"

~ Jill, Apache Junction

"My first rattlesnake experience here in AZ....yikes! With a four foot snake on my front porch I wasn’t sure what to do, tried to “shoo” it away, of course he promptly went into my backyard- where my five dogs have full reign of the yard. He set up shop under my sprinkler valves....I freaked out and picked up the phone. Bryan from Rattlesnake Solutions was AMAZING with me, he was so calm on the phone, told me exactly what to do and what NOT to do, kept me on the line until I was calm enough to be able to do what he asked. He was PROMPTLY at my home, (on a holiday AND Sunday of course) there I was freaked out sweating in the heat and he was just fantastic.

As he got his gear to gather the snake, he gently educated about the habits, mannerisms and realities vs. myths of snakes. He showed me the hot spots in my yard that would attract snakes, had some suggestions to change to help deter snakes, and took the time with me to walk around my yard...teaching me about where I live, how to live WITH the wild life around me and how to respect them while trying to keep them at bay.

I cannot recommend this group of brave and kind people enough. I will ALWAYS call them with any situation that comes up. He was SO gentle with the snake, I got to see it and hear it, learn about it, and by the time it was all over, I was no longer afraid! What a gift he gave me, on so many levels. I felt so empowered, as a female and as a person living in the “wild west” it was a transforming experience. I now have confidence that if one shows up again, I know what to do, will call this company to come get it, and I can handle it until someone gets here.

Honestly- one of the most amazing, educational, empowering and mind transforming experiences of my life. I am forever grateful."

~ Jana, Cave Creek

"Brad did a great job snake proofing my backyard. Brad was fast and courteous and did high quality work. The proofing has allowed me to feel comfortable letting my 3 year old, 5 year old, and dog play in the backyard! "

~ Kevin, Phoenix