Snake Removals and Rattlesnake Fencing Updates – 03/02/21

Even though it’s March, we’re still seeing cool weather that is keeping most snake activity to a minimum. However, we are also getting a lot of emails and texts with photos to identify! They’re almost all Sonoran Gophersnakes, but there are a few Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes in there as well.

Our snake fencing timelines are starting to increase as well, currently booked out about 2 weeks in both Phoenix and Tucson. This is driven by the first reports of rattlesnakes on trails, in the news, and a few other places. Once things really kick off in a couple more weeks, we expect to be flooded. If a snake fence is something you’re considering, now is the time.

Usually, we see a particular signal that happens just about when our hotline starts going crazy – multiple consecutive days in March with overnight temperatures in the upper 50s. Once that happens: it’s on!