Snake Removals in Phoenix and Tucson 07/28/2021

Rain! We finally had good rain, after years without (much). The result? Snakes are going to become VERY active. We’ve already seen the start of it, with more snake removals than ever before in such a short time. Here are just some of the snakes we’ve removed since the last update, with many more yet to process.

Moisture not only brings a much needed drink, but cooler and more stable temperatures. Snakes can easily die if their body temperature is above 105˚F, so these late July temperatures that don’t even get to triple digits are a great time to move. It’s also the start of baby rattlesnake season. Monsoon moisture triggers this event, so watch for baby rattlesnakes in our feed soon.

Snake Relocations Update 07/21/2021

We’ve been busy! As expected, the monsoon moisture has caused a massive increase in snake activity across the state. Here are just a handful of snake relocations we have done in the past few weeks.

24/7 Snake Removal & Prevention: 

Phoenix-metro: 480-237-9975

Tucson-metro: 520-308-6211

Snake Removal and Rattlesnake Fence Installation Updates for July 6, 2021

Wow, finally some rain! The monsoon has officially kicked off with some rain throughout the state. That means that snakes will be on the move for the first time in a while; the result is that our snake removal hotline is super busy and people are lining up to get snake fencing installed as quickly as possible.

Here are some of the projects we’ve taken on in the last week.

Snake removal:

Snake fence: