Snake Removal Activity March 2023

Wow, things are slower than usual! Rain is great of course, but the snakes are more or less stuck at the dens until these sub-50 overnight temperatures ease up. Regardless, some have tried to get out and star their springtime activity, and along with that comes conflict with human development. Here are just some of the calls we’ve taken recently, all of which were relocated to suitable microhabitat within their estimated homerange.

Arizona Snake Removal Updates for November 2022

We had a busy year keeping rattlesnakes out of backyards all across Arizona! In addition to providing snake fence installation, we captured more than a thousand rattlesnakes for relocation. Here are just some of the many rattlesnake rescues we’ve been called to in 2022. Many of these encounters could have been prevented with a snake fence.

24/7 Snake Removal & Prevention:

Phoenix-metro: 480-237-9975

Tucson-metro: 520-308-6211

Snake Removals and Rattlesnake Fence Updates – 05/03/21

We’ve been busy! Rattlesnakes (and other species) are on the move across the state. Every day we are called to capture rattlesnakes at homes in the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas. Here are some of the latest captures:

Snake Fence Installations across Arizona:

Now more than ever, making sure that an air-tight (or snake-tight, rather) solution is in place before rattlesnakes look for cool cover to wait out the incoming heat. This often means a spot under the pool equipment or landscaping. Thankfully, many give us a call to have snake fencing installed before that happens. Here are some recent projects: