Snake Fence Installations – Don’t Wait Until a Snake Shows Up

Keeping rattlesnakes away is a 2 step process. The first is to remove things that may attract snakes to the yard. The other, even better, is to install a snake fence to physically keep rattlesnakes away.

A professionally installed snake fence can be very low-profile, and will last for years. It is the surest way to keep rattlesnakes out, and ensure a safe area for bare feet and play. An improperly installed snake fence, however, can actually become a snake trap, funneling snakes that would otherwise just crawl right through the area and leave. Our fence installation partners know the difference, and just how to install the fence so that it not only protects your property from rattlesnakes, but does not ruin the aesthetic or view of the surrounding landscape.


Snake fences can look nearly invisible when installed correctly. The above photo from our Tucson partner is an example. The fence is installed to attach to existing fence structures, like view fences and gates, to provide a low-profile barrier to wildlife. Rattlesnakes are capable of climbing, but the fence is installed in a way that they either can’t reach the top, or are otherwise prevented from getting over.

Likewise, rodents can dig under a fence that has not been buried to the proper depth. Gates and drainages, too, present their own challenges that a professional fence installer will know how to handle. This is not the sort of work that should be trusted to the local handyman – a knowledge of snake behavior and experience with them in wild areas is necessary to truly understand the situations where a snake could possibly be a danger, and how to prevent it.

Here are some photographs of recent installations from our Tucson snake fence installation partner. They show just how invisible these fences can be when done properly.