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Tucson Snake Removal and Rattlesnake Control in Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley, and Surrounding Areas

Living in the Tucson area means that you could encounter a rattlesnake at your residence. When that happens, call Rattlesnake Solutions of Tucson to remove and safely relocate your unwanted snake.

24/7 Immediate Snake Removal in Tucson: 520-308-6211

If you see a rattlesnake that needs to be removed, it is important to keep an eye on it. The field agent that answers will ask questions about the snake to best determine a course of action. All efforts will be made to tell you what kind of snake it is ahead of time, so that you can make an informed decision on your options. Rattlesnake Solutions offers 24/7, immediate service to all parts of the Tucson metro area, so no matter what time it is, give us a call and we can be there right away.

The most humane treatment of snakes available

Many home owners are like us, and enjoy our native wildlife. In fact this is what brings many people to the outer areas of Tucson - to enjoy the scenery and animals. This does not, however, mean that rattlesnakes don't pop up where they aren't wanted. Rattlesnake Solutions works with rattlesnakes in many capacities, from education, wild study, and captive care and breeding. We rely on the latest research available to ensure that every moment of interaction with these animals is handled with respect, care, and the best interest of the snake in mind. Rattlesnakes that are captured are done so in a way that minimizes stress, and relocated to areas selected by years of field observation to give each snake the best possible chance of survival. We don't treat wildlife like pests, rather, Rattlesnake Solutions of Tucson provides a low-impact, environmentally conscience way of mitigating conflict as it happens.

More than Snake Removal

In addition to the fastest snake removal service in the Tucson area, Rattlesnake Solutions can help keep snakes away from your yard permenantly. Our property inspection service is unmatched - a snake expert trained by years looking for wild rattlesnakes will visit your property to determine what can be done to reduce your chances of ever seeing a snake.

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