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Snake Education, Safety Training, and More

If you would like to book Rattlesnake Solutions to speak at your event, please email us at info@rattlesnakesolutions.com. If we are available and what you are looking for is something we can accommodate, we'll see you there. We typically book between 20-30 events each year, mostly during the cooler parts of the year, where there is no danger of our animals overheating during transport and display.

For Home Owners Associations and Communities

We have gotten very good at helping communities and neighborhoods feel better about the wildlife native to the area. All it takes is a little patience and knowledge, and even a snake-hater can sleep better. If you're an HOA leader or have a community that could benefit from some Rattlesnake 101, let us know.

Safety Training

If you are an organization looking for safety training for your employees, please contact us for availability and rates.