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Rattlesnake Aversion Training for Your Dog.

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Rattlesnake Solutions has partnered with the best professional rattlesnake aversion dog training available: Rattlesnake Ready

Something we've learned in relocating thousands of rattlesnakes from properties around Phoenix, is that dogs are often in danger of being bitten by a rattlesnake, even in otherwise safe situations. Unlike (most) people, dogs often run right up to a rattlesnake when it sounds off, not realizing that the coiled warning stance is not invitation to investigate or play. Dogs simply don't know what a rattlesnake is, and that they should be avoided at all costs. This is where rattlesnake aversion training comes in - training your dog to avoid snakes and leave rattlesnakes alone can keep your dog safe, save you thousands of dollars in veteranary bills, and potentially save the life of your dog.

We come to you, and train your dog where it's needed most.

The place where your dog is the most likely to run into a rattlesnake without your attention is at home, in the yard. In our thousands of interactions with home owners, some of whom have had bad experiences with their dogs and rattlesnakes, the story is usually similar. Unlike while out hiking or walking a trail, dogs let into the backyard to use the bathroom or get some playtime aren't under the supervision of the owner, and by the time it's known that the dog is getting into it with a rattlesnake, it's often too late. This is why we focus on providing rattlesnake aversion traning where it matters most, in the same areas where your dog could actually meet a rattlesnake.

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