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Educational and snake safety presentations for your community

Each year, we speak with thousands of concerned homeowners about rattlesnakes. In communities like yours, where the possibility of a rattlesnake encounter is always present, homeowners want to both be safe, and feel safe. When homeowners know more about the situation, they will be empowered and in control of the situation. As a community, knowledge is the most effective tool you have to keep your residents safe, informed, and happy with their decision to live within your gates.

We provide free educational rattlesnake safety presentations to communities throughout Arizona. Our experience from first-hand handling of over 10,000 rattlesnakes in the yards of Arizona homeowners gives us great perspective on the problem. From landscaping choices, property maintenance, pest control decisions, and much more: rattlesnake safety is a matter of behavior and knowledge.

To schedule an educational presentation for your community, email education@rattlesnakesolutions.com

These sessions typically run 1-2 hours, either in-person at your community center or remotely via Zoom or Facebook Live. In the presentation, we explore a balance of rattlesnake natural history, how to challenge and de-program fear, and how to stay safe living near rattlesnakes. Your residents will learn why they fear rattlesnakes, and leave knowing what they can do about it.

We can address any specific concerns or questions unique to your community, or change information however you feel would best serve your residents. Depending on the situation, live rattlesnakes may be on display (in locked displays that will not be opened at any time on-premises).

An example presentation (zoom) from 2020: