Is your yard protected by a rattlesnake fence?

Snake fencing is the only proven method to help keep rattlesnakes out. If you worry about dangerous encounters with family and pets, we can help.

Proven Workmanship

All Steel, No Plastic or Rubber

Science-Based Standards

Lifetime 24/7 Snake Expert Support

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He provided me a quote over the phone. After getting HOA approval, Michael arrived ahead of schedule and immediately went to work. My wife and I are extremely grateful for his hard work and dedication. I would highly recommend Rattlesnske Solutions for snake fencing, especially if you live anywhere near an NAOS.

Mark in Phoenix

Eric listened to my concerns for aesthetics, budget and effectiveness of the fence, and made sure we were completely satisfied before he accepted payment. The entire group was great! All were friendly, very personable, helpful, thoughtful, and most important, highly skilled in their profession. What a great service!

The most experienced team in the country, laser-focused on one thing: protecting you from rattlesnakes.

Rattlesnake Solutions' unique snake fence methods are designed from finding and removing thousands of rattlesnakes from the homes of Arizona home-owners, and scientific observation of wild rattlesnake behavior. We know what rattlesnakes do, why they are in your yard, and how to keep them out for good.

This isn't our side-gig between termite jobs. We specialize in rattlesnakes and have expertise beyond anyone in our category. Don't leave your safety to guess-work; our snake fence methods are based on what snakes actually do, tested with real, living rattlesnakes.

Forget plastic, rubber, or cheap wire. We only use durable materials meant to last in Arizona's brutal sun

Zip-ties, cheap zinc-coated mesh, and rubber sweeps will fail in as little as one year after installation. Rattlesnake Solutions uses durable materials that can survive the brutal Arizona sun: galvanized steel screws, welded-steel mesh, steel plating, and concrete.

Welded steel mesh and screws won't buckle, warp, or fall apart over the years. We use steel, screwed direclty into gates and painted to match, to provide a permanent solution. Where needed, we use high-strength concrete to create a solid barrier and prevent rodents or erosion from compromising your yard's security.

Science-based build standards

Rattlesnake Solutions design standards are based on scientific observations of wild rattlesnakes, the latest herpetological research, and ongoing guidance by our field research team. Rattlesnake Solutions customers receives lifetime 24/7 snake expert support to answer all questions or identify any snake.

Even the smallest rattlesnakes excluded

DYI snake fence installers and pest control companies often use cheap 1/2" wire mesh, which will not exclude baby rattlesnakes. Rattlesnake Solutions has been called to capture hundreds of baby rattlesnakes from properties with poorly-installed 1/2" mesh.

Rattlesnake Solutions' standard is 1/4" mesh, and a 1/4" gap policy on ALL entry points, including gates, installed to 30"-36" above ground (depending on if it comes directly to the ground or not).

Does your existing snake fence work?

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